Whether you are looking to grow cannabis for medicinal, personal or industrial use our custom made commercially available grow huts could solve all your problems.  Our Backyard Grow Huts come fully assembled so you can start growing the same day it arrives.  We understand that this can be very important for people with pain. Also our hut requires very little work because the state of the art environmental controller monitors and automates your grow system. You don't have to spend any more time than necessary to maintain optimum conditions. For the cannabis industry having a controlled and sanitary environment for propagation is key.  Our huts can be configured specifically to your grow.

Saving you time, money and stress.

Amazing Return on investment




​Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it come complete?

A.  The Backyard Grow Hut comes complete with intake filter,  charcoal exhaust filter, duct muffler, ultra quiet vent fan,  Heater, Dehumidifier, Security Camera, Iponic 614 controller, 2 Illumitex NeoSol NS lights, and of course it all comes in a 4'x7' insulated Hut that has lifetime Architectural shingles and is lined on the interior with FRP floor walls and ceiling for easy cleaning and disinfecting.   As there are many differnt ways our customers choose to grow we will price your system whether it be for soil or hydrponic and have it built and ready to install when we deliver.  When we leave your Backyard Grow Hut you will just need to add your plants.

Q.  How much power does it use?

A.  The Backyard Grow Hut plugs in to a standard 15 amp 120v volt receptacle.  As it draws only slightly over 14 amps at maximum draw it will plug in  with a simple heavy duty extention cord. (A 25'  extention cord is included) The cost to run your Hut using the Oregon average price per kilowatt of 8.68cents would be right around $100/month.  This is calculated using the maximum draw of around 1.6kw/hour.  But your lights turn off for a few hours and the heater will not need to run constantly so the actual cost would most likely be 60-75% of that. Also because all our components are plug and play NO electrical permit is required.

Q. Do you deliver?

A. Yes,  We also do not charge for delivery with 25 miles of the I-5 bridge on the Columbia River.  We want you to enjoy your Backyard Grow Hut for Years to come.  Why take the risk of picking it up  and setting it up.  Let us do that for you. We are well equipped and have the hauling and setup equipment needed.

Q.  Is delivery discreet?

A. Yes.  We will not show up with a truck with a bunch of advertising on it.  The delivery vehicle will not have any advertising or name on it.  We value our customers privacy.  It will look like you are getting any garden or tool shed delivered.

Q. Do you customize the exterior?

A. We build your Hut from the ground up. Our standard model comes with T1-11 siding painted in your choice of color.  If you choose you can go to your local home building store and choose your color.  Tell us what it is and we will paint it.  We can also as an option put almost any exterior on it you want. We will provide you a quote for this cost.  From cedar shingle to a rock or brick veneer. You have a choice.

Q. How much does it cost?

A.  The cost for a Backyard Grow Hut starts at an introductary price of $11,900.00 it includes what was outlined in the question " Does it come complete?"

Q. Where can I get one?

A.  If you would like to purchase a Backyard Grow Hut Please call us at 503-468-0500.  Our manufacturing facility is located in Astoria, Oregon.